3 Frequently Asked Questions About Living Trusts And Wills

Living trusts and wills are estate will planning documents used to provide guidelines for the distribution of assets in an estate after demise of the estate owner. It is important for individuals to have as much information as possible about the various options available for creating an estate plan. This article addresses a few commonly asked questions about living trusts and wills for those keen on protecting their assets posthumously. [Read More]

Effective Ways to Handle Court Cases

Most beginner lawyers may not know the best case handling procedures. Therefore, if you are a lawyer who is just starting out, below are some ideas on how you can effectively handle court cases. Repetitively prepare your client This is especially important for individuals who have never been to court. Your clients need to know what to expect, thus you need to prepare them mentally. You may want to prepare a jury simulation for them. [Read More]

It's getting hot in here - understanding cooling off periods

If you have made a property purchasing decision you have since regretted, you may be looking for a way to get out of the contract.  The cooling off period offers a way to get out of the contract in the first few days after signing on the basis of changing your mind (so you don't need to prove any fault with the seller or house). Here are some tips on when you can utilise a legal option of a cooling off period to get out of your contract. [Read More]

3 Different Types of Divorce Proceedings

Most people are familiar with the term divorce as being the dissolution of a marriage. However, not many are aware that there several different types of divorce proceedings that you and your spouse can choose to embark on. Contrary to popular belief, divorce is not simply about filing the papers and then waiting for the courts to terminate your marriage. Here are some of the different types of divorce proceedings that you should consider before you begin the process. [Read More]