Family Law: Reasons Why Married Couples Request for A Postnuptial Agreement

A postnuptial agreement is a document signed by a married couple. It elaborates on how to share assets in case of divorce or even death. Both parties must do it willingly and following the legal procedures. The postnuptial agreement is a crucial document as it sets the responsibilities of all the partners in a marriage. This includes solving financial problems, protecting children's rights and even making the divorce process easy. The following are reasons why couples may request a postnuptial agreement under family law.

Financial Irresponsibility

Sometimes in marriage, one of the partners might be in debt due to irresponsible money habits. Some of these include extravagance, taking loans without the other partner's knowledge or even gambling. If the other partner decides to leave the marriage, the one with debt can sign a postnuptial agreement to protect the other partner from paying any debt.

Spouse Support While Staying Home and in case of Death

This agreement ascertains for spouse support if one party is not working to fulfil specific marital roles. Thus, it prevents worries of being penniless and not able to cater to the needs.

In this case, the spouse agrees to waive spousal rights on properties if one dies. In addition, it provides details on how all the family assets will be divided and gives the right to children to inherit their parents' assets upon death.

Separation Agreement

The agreement includes all property acquired during the marriage and all assets that both spouses brought into the marriage. In addition, it elaborates on how the partners will divide the assets and liabilities upon divorce. The document also stipulates how the remaining partner should take care of the children and take custody of the children.

One of The Spouses Has a Child From Another Relationship

Sometimes, one of the spouses comes into the marriage with a child from a previous marriage. A postnuptial agreement is crucial to state the rights of the child. With a solid contract, you will ensure that the child does not get less equal treatment than the ones that will come from the new marriage. 

A postnuptial agreement is crucial when you did not want to sign a prenup but have a few issues that need legal agreement after the wedding. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you have protected your rights, your partners, and the entire family. The document works both during the marriage and in case of a divorce.