Why Choosing an Executor Is Often a Tough Task

If you have a complex estate and a number of dependents, you're advised to create a will as soon as possible. Within this document, you will outline how your estate is going to be distributed following your death and give some other instructions as and when needed. While there may be quite a lot of work involved in crafting this document in your situation, you should also give some attention to who will handle it. [Read More]

In a Divorce Separation, Are the Opinions of a Child Paramount?

Most people understand that an Australian family court will place the needs of any children front and centre when looking at parenting arrangements. Yet does that mean that the court will consider the children's views paramount and always go along with them? Through a Lens It's important to understand the principles involved and that underline the various laws and regulations. While the court will pay great attention to the best interests of the children, they will do so through a particular lens. [Read More]