Same-Sex Divorce and Child Custody Arrangements in Australia

Regardless of the specific wording of a couple's marriage vows, the general idea of a wedding is permanence, of something that will be for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this isn't always how things pan out. As of 9 December 2017, Australia legalised same-sex marriage, and in doing so, also legalised same sex divorce. Since the legislation was broadly referred to as marriage equality, does this also mean true equality when it comes to the dissolution of the marriage? [Read More]

A Guide to Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workplace-related injuries are common. Sometimes, employers may fail to compensate an injured worker or choose to compensate them unfairly. A workers' compensation lawyer can help clients claim compensation in such circumstances. When and why do you need a workers' compensation lawyer? The services of workers' compensation lawyers are mainly sought after employers fail to make compensation payments. However, you may seek their services when you need advice on what kinds of benefits you should expect when you suffer a work-related injury. [Read More]