Fighting a Traffic Fine: Is it Doable?

While drivers commonly ignore speed limit signs or complete "rolling stops" at clear stop signs, unfortunately these maneuvers, while convenient, are illegal. Cops are routinely on the lookout for drivers that are endangering others on the road, but if you are pulled over, there are a few things you can do to lessen your eventual fine. To learn how to decrease the cost or effects of your ticket like a trained defense attorney, make sure to read the following guide.

Don't Provide Any Additional Information

The only information you are legally required to provide when pulled over is your name, license plate number, and address. While the cop will also fill out a report including your violation and car make or model, he or she will almost always begin with questions designed to make you stumble. For example, why do you think you were pulled over today? Did you know how fast you were going?

While you may feel inclined to answer these or other questions and defend yourself, don't. If the ticket does take you to court, they could use any of your answers against you, and it is always best to simply state that you are not going to reply. If you're nervous, you could also accidentally provide information that isn't true.

Write Down Your Version of Events

If you fight your traffic violation, chances are your court date is weeks or months down the road. It is imperative that you write down exactly what happened right after the incident, so that you can keep your facts straight as the court date approaches and present a valid defense. Many defense lawyers will use the fact that traffic police pull over countless people on a monthly basis and will have a hard time remembering the specifics of your case. By becoming an expert on the facts, you will already be one step ahead.

Valid Defense Strategies

While it may seem difficult to fight simple speeding offenses clocked with radar, one possible defense is the calibration and upkeep of the device. These records should be available to you and can be checked to see if the gun was legal to use and up to date on licenses and regulations. Out-of-date radar guns can misread the speed of your car and could be the result of an improper offense.

Another surefire defense strategy is the need for an emergency maneuver. While you should never blatantly lie to get out of a ticket, if you were speeding or breaking a law because you were in a life-threatening situation, this is a valid reason to fight a ticket and may be accepted by a judge.

While it is possible to argue a traffic ticket on your own, for more complex cases or legal situations, you should always seek the advice and professional help of an experienced lawyer.