3 Different Types of Divorce Proceedings

Most people are familiar with the term divorce as being the dissolution of a marriage. However, not many are aware that there several different types of divorce proceedings that you and your spouse can choose to embark on. Contrary to popular belief, divorce is not simply about filing the papers and then waiting for the courts to terminate your marriage. Here are some of the different types of divorce proceedings that you should consider before you begin the process. 

Absolute divorce proceedings

In this type of divorce, both parties seek to terminate all legal bongs that they may have with each other. There are a number of grounds that would make the courts grant you absolute divorces. These grounds include desertion by your partner, separation for over a year, cruelty in the marriage either toward you or your children, vicious conduct in the marriage, insanity and more. Ensure to have analysed the legal implications of an absolute divorce with your family lawyer before opting to go through with the proceedings.

Limited divorce proceedings

Limited divorce is similar to having a separation with your spouse. This type of divorce is typically granted to couples who may want to end their marriage but do not have the legal grounds to pursue an absolute divorce. This type of divorce is also granted to individuals who need to sort their financial arrangements but cannot find a middle ground to smooth out their differences.

With this type of divorce, the individuals are expected live separately and not have any sexual contact as the divorce proceedings are underway. This type of divorce can be a good thing for couples who are not sure about whether or not they can remain in a relationship as it gives them the time to objectively assess their situation. It also gives couple ample time to discuss other legal issues pertaining to dissolving their marriage such as alimony, child custody, property division and more.

Uncontested divorce proceedings

With this type of divorce, both parties are equally striving to end the marriage. This type of divorce also tends to be the least complicated as the couple will already have decided what course of action to take when it comes to matters of the children, finances and other contentious legal issues. Typically, uncontested divorces will be files by people who had already drawn up a prenuptial agreement, as this legal document will dictate how the marriage will be dissolved.

Learn more about your options by contacting a local family lawyer.