Things to think about when hiring a criminal solicitor

If you've committed a crime related to money, you might need the help from an economic criminal solicitor. These are the types of legal advisors that can give you advice on how to proceed to arrange your time in court and avoid unnecessary fees surrounding the legal process, and they can also defend you in court. When finding an economic criminal solicitor, there are a few things you should look for to find a solicitor you can really trust.

Similar cases they've had

Finding a solicitor you can trust basically boils down to a couple of essential questions that you should ask the solicitor. The first thing you should ask is about similar cases that the solicitor might have had. This means they have experience with your particular type of case, which can increase the success rate of your case. If they haven't handled a case that is at all similar to yours but still are up for taking care of it, you should ask more probing questions to measure their level of expertise.

Get to know about fees

You should also ask the solicitor about the terms about their fees. Some solicitors only charge you once, regardless of how long the actual work takes. You should ask them if their initial fees cover any other fees that might surface during the process of the case. Also make sure to ask them about any installment plans they might have that you can use after the case is closed, as you don't need to get any more payloads added to your initial dept.

How many clients they have

Make sure to ask the solicitor about any other cases that they might have at the same time as yours. They can't tell you about any details regarding the other cases they are working on, but try to get an estimate on how many clients they have at the given time. This is important to know, as this will tell you how much time they have to spend on your particular case.

Ask for references

You should also ask the solicitor about references they have from earlier clients. Some clients want to stay secret, possibly because of the delicate nature of many cases that economic criminal solicitors take on, so if they only have a few references, you shouldn't be too deterred. However, if your solicitor doesn't even have one reference, you should think twice about hiring them. However, as hiring a solicitor for your legal affairs is an affair based on trust, it's more important that you trust and know the solicitor than having references from earlier clients.

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